SOLD OUT: Torchlight Lullaby – Softcover Graphic Novel (Paperback)


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You can’t outrun your nightmares…

When Ella & her stuffed mouse Winchell become trapped inside her dreams, they unwittingly create an opening between the two worlds. As the darkness of her nightmares begins invading her waking world, Ella and Winchell embark on a journey to find a way out. Forced to cope with her greatest fears, Ella must face what she’s been running from and close the door between the worlds forever.

This softcover/paperback edition comes with 85lb interior semi-gloss paper with beautiful color saturation. The cover is a thick matte stock with an anti-scratch coating to protect the art against scratches, scuffs & fingerprints. This book was made possible by our amazing Kickstarter backers. We’re incredibly proud of the finished product and we hope that you love it as much as we do!

200-pages | Full-color

Age Range: 8+

This is a true all-ages book in that it can be enjoyed by adults & children. It’s very much in the tone of the 90’s Henson-era movies; all ages with a bit of darkness. We think a good age range is 8+ but our benchmark is, if you’re okay with “The Neverending Story”, this is age appropriate.

Dimensions 10.25 x 6.625 x .80 in


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