About Torchlight Lullaby & White Rabbit Comics

White Rabbit Comics was founded in 2015 as the independent publishing company for Torchlight Lullaby and future works.

Torchlight Lullaby is the first graphic novel by Ryan Fisher, and a true passion project. After losing his step-dad to Cancer, Ryan spent his sleepless nights distracting himself by creating stories in his head. One of those stories stuck, and became what is now Torchlight Lullaby. The complete graphic novel was proudly crowdfunded through Kickstarter in November, 2015 and is now available for sale.

The Torchlight Crew

Ryan Fisher

Ryan Fisher is an illustrator, author, cartoonist and graphic designer. A Seattle native, he’s an avid sports fan and music lover.

He got his start in comics nearly a decade ago online with Gin & Comics which closed in 2012. His second webcomic, Sometime After, released its first paperback volume in 2013. Torchlight Lullaby is his first full-length graphic novel, and a true passion project.

Casey Curtis
Managing Editor

Casey Curtis is the non-creative half (and other half) of the Torchlight team. She takes care of all the boring, but necessary, business issues like ordering, printing, distribution, taxes and managing the day-to-day. She keeps Ryan in line and on-time and is constantly in-awe of his creative spark. She’s a fervent supporter of independent creators and entrepreneurs. In her day job she’s works for a digital marketing firm in Seattle, WA.

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